Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My problem...

I'm going to stay in Vancouver until December, that's why I've been looking for an apartment since last month. Even if I don't find one, I don't care because I'm very happy with my host family. My problem is that 2 mexicans friends want to visit Vancouver for holidays and they want to stay with me. I just sent them an email to let them know that I haven't found anything. They don't want to spend money for a hotel, therefore they are pushing me to get an apartment, no matter what. Eventhough they are very close friends, I think they shouldn't be acting like that. They don't care if I like the house where I'm living, otherwise they're just thinking about their holidays.

What should I tell them?


Anonymous said...

My problem is that 2 mexican (without "s" friends

Even though (not Eventhough) they are very close friends, I think they shouldn't be acting (I think it's "shouldn't act like ..."

They're just thinking about their holidays. I think it's "They just think about ..."

My Opinion:

I wouldn't leave the host family if I were you.
You said they are very close friends but when they push you to get an appartment no matter what; Then it sounds more like they only want a cheap vacation. And you should think about that an appartment is more expensive and I don't think that you can quit the contract after 2 or 3 weeks. And also your host family won't be very happy if you move out and after 2 or 3 weeks you come back. (Hope you don't get me wrong by saying this)

If your friends change their minds because of paying something and you still want to stay together during the vacation then maybe it's possible to rent a holiday home. When the rent is divided by 3 it shouldn't be too expensive.

Another possibility: If there're enough rooms in the house you're living now then you could ask your host family if they (your friends) could stay there.

Maybe there's something useful for you of what I wrote.

Good luck!

HYO JIN LIM * Heather * said...

oh i undertand that feeling!
do u wanna get an apt in downtown?
also i am thinking to get one in
downtown but i am not sure...
also Ligia from Brazil wants to find a apt!!

if you hadn't found a good one yet,
i will tell u if i find something
nice :-D

Wilfredo Rodríguez-Jiménez said...


If I had been in your situation I would have spoken to my friends to see if they can be just a little bit more patient. Thing are different in Canada and they must be able to see that. If they don't understand,then realax, the holidays are in several months and they will soon understand your situation. :)

spinete said...

Hi Ingrid.

In my opinion, if I were you I'd try to find an apartament (specially in Downtown) because you have also more friends who what's to go to your apartament to sleep when they are totally drunk. Don't worry about what kind of friends are going to knock your door because you always have the oportunity lock the door. Nonetheless, your friends can sleep in the corridor.