Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Monterrey vs Vancouver

Monterrey is the third largest city of Mexico. I'ts well known as the capital of knowledge, techonologies and business in my country. The main activity is in the manufacture area.
The population of Mty is 4 million people, almost the double that Vancouver's population. My hometown is very close to the border to USA. Actually, people from the city use to go shopping to Texas, just like people from Van go shopping to Seattle.

Monterrey is located in the north east of Mexico, meanwhile Vancouver is in the west coast of Canada. Vancouver is almost surrounded by water, and Monterrey isn't. Actually the east coast, Golf of Mexico, is about 500 km away.
Like in Vancouver, the weather in Monterrey is unpredictable, so you never know what to wear. Monterrey has a humid subtropical climate. Also, weather changes so quickly, but almost all the time is very hot. During the summer, the average high reaches 35°C. Winters are cool but not cold. The average January high is 19 °C. Rainfall is scarce, but more prominent during May through September. Snowfall is a very rare event. For example, during the last 100 years, it has snowed just twice.
The city is surrounded by mountains, but not as beautiful as Vancouver's mountains. Any way, it´s known as "The city of the mountains" in Mexico. The "Cerro de la Silla" is the main landscape that everybody remembers about the city.

Usually, the people from the north are so nice and love to party (what else could I say about them!). Unfortunately, the city is not as safety as Vancouver, but is so much more safety than Mexico City. Actually, people from all over mexico flock to Monterrey because it's a safe place with a lot of job opportunities and a good place to live.

The food it's great, but not the most famous and typical of Mexico. As in Vancouver, we have a lot of cultural diversity, so we have plenty of different kinds of restaurants.

About globalization, I think that it gives the opportunity to have access to products and information from all over the world. Also, it encourages the acceptance of cultural diversity. Unfortunately, not all the countries have the same benefits in a global world.
My hometown is a globalized city. Actually, it was chosen as the host city for the Universal Forum of Cultures 2007, because NL Government presented the most profitable and interesting development project.

Also Vancouver was chosen to the host city for an international global event, the Olympics Games 2010.

I think that my city and Vancouver have a lot of similatirities, because both of them are big cities with a lot of cultural diversity and they are open to globalization.

Monterrey Promo:

Why Monterrey was chosen as the host city for the Universal Forum of Cultures 2007?

Monterrey in pictures:


Jacqueline said...

This is a great entry! I love the pictures and the links you've included to help us get to know your city better. You've also done a great job using this week's vocabulary. Nice work! I still haven't thought of a good alternative to globalized city. My only suggestion: Write "globalized" in quotations. Considering the context, I think this works well.

Tamwood JP said...

Hi Ingrid, I like your job... I did not find any mistakes.. I love the way that you used "pictures and links".